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LIVING ABOARD 1996-1997, Continued

In Annapolis we learned quickly how to live on a boat - Jay spent most of his time making repairs and improvements on the 1973 50' Gulfstar Ketch that was now our home, while Dorothy was chief galley cook and bottle washer.

By November 1996 we were ready to depart for the Caribbean. Joined by our son Doug for the voyage, we left Annapolis and sailed South through Chesapeake Bay to our departure point in Hampton, VA. The voyage from Hampton to San Juan, PR, lasted twelve days; for two of those days we were engulfed in a gale that resulted in a broken bowsprit and the intake of water into our stern storage locker. But we did all the right things and survived, only to be becalmed 80 miles out of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Eventually we arrived in San Juan harbor and put it at Club Nautico Marina. Doug flew back to California, and we spent several weeks making repairs before anchoring out in the harbor.

November 1996: Sunset on Chesapeake Bay

November 21, 1996 - Sailing in a Calm Atlantic Ocean

Our stay in San Juan was lengthy because of repairs, including damage from the gale we'd gone through in the North Atlantic and also the rebuilding of our generator which gave out on us. We left San Juan at one point to sail to the island of Culebra, and also spent time in Fajardo, PR, but because of repairs again had to return to San Juan.

December 1996: Flowery Balconies in Old San Juan, PR

December 1996: San Cristobal Fortress in Old San Juan, PR

December 1996: Beach at Condado - San Juan, PR

December 1996: Ocean View from Old San Juan

December 1996: Ponce de Leon House - Old San Juan, PR

Christmas Day 1996: We we invited to a beautiful dinner with our new friends on the Horizons,
owned by Mr. Tyson of Tyson Chicken (we did not meet him, just his crew) - this is at Club Nautico in San Juan, PR

March 1996: Our fold-up Dahon bikes were lashed above deck for traveling -
the bikes and our dinghy took the place of cars for many months

March 1997: Island of Culebra

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Chronology of Living Aboard "Second to the Right"
  • May 1996 - moved onto 50' Gulfstar Ketch ("Second to the Right") in Annapolis, MD
  • November 1996 - left Annapolis for Hampton, VA; sailed from Hampton to San Juan, PR
  • Winter 1996-1997 - spent in San Juan, PR
  • February 1997 - sailed to island of Culebra where we spent a couple of weeks and celebrated Jay's 60th birthday
  • February 1997 - sailed from Culebra to the city of Fajardo, PR, where we sat out some stormy weather for a few days, then returned to San Juan, PR
  • April 1997 - sailed from San Juan, PR, to Provo (Turks & Caicos); then sailed to Mayaguana and then to the Abacos
  • May, 1997 - arrived in Beaufort, SC
  • June 23, 1997 - arrived in Annapolis, MD
  • September 1997 - made the final move off "Second to the Right" and returned to Minneapolis, MN
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