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LIVING ABOARD 1996-1997, Continued

In late April 1997 we sailed away from San Juan and headed back to the USA mainland at a leisurely pace, stopping at several islands including the Turks and Caicos, Mayaguana, and the Abacos. Weather was continually the determining factor in the pace of our travel, however we did take the time to enjoy the sites when it was feasible!

We were at sea this time for a month, going ashore only briefly at Providenciales (Provo) in the Turks and Caicos.

Sylvester - our Boat Cat - having a scratch below decks

April 1997: Sunset at Provo, Turks and Caicos

Dolphins Paying Us a Visit about 25 miles off the Coast of Georgia

May 10, 1997: Sunset at Sea - This was taken about 25 miles off the coast of Georgia

On Mother's Day, May 1997, we arrived on USA soil, coming ashore at a marina in Beaufort (pronounced bew-fort as opposed to Beaufort, North Carolina, which is pronounced bo-fort), South Carolina.  (Of course, the first thing we did on land was to find a pay phone and call Dorothy's mother back in Minnesota!)

We spent about 5 days in Beaufort, then sailed up the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) to Charleston, SC, where we spent another 10-11 days. More repairs - plus we were there just in time to enjoy some of the events of the annual Spoleto Festival. On our way again, we mostly motored our way North in the ICW with only the occasional wide spot where we could actually sail. We met many interesting people and enjoyed the cameraderie of other sailors traveling the ICW, and we anchored in many really beautiful spots along the way.

After spending a couple of nights in Norfolk, VA, we sailed the last leg of the journey up the Chesapeake - we got slammed down heavily by a storm that came up suddenly one afternoon, but in a matter of a half-hour or so we were enjoying sunny, calm weather and a nice anchorage. The next day we arrived in Annapolis, MD.

June 1997: Back in Annapolis, MD, on Back Creek

We spent the summer of 1997 in Annapolis, trying to find work and dealing with Jay's migraines that were becoming increasing debilitating. In August 1997 Jay returned to Minneapolis (where our insurance allowed us to be treated!) to undergo tests, and in early September Dorothy and Sylvester joined him. Dorothy returned to work at Honeywell - the sailboat was sold - and the next phase of our lives began.

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Chronology of Living Aboard "Second to the Right"
  • May 1996 - moved onto 50' Gulfstar Ketch ("Second to the Right") in Annapolis, MD
  • November 1996 - left Annapolis for Hampton, VA; sailed from Hampton to San Juan, PR
  • Winter 1996-1997 - spent in San Juan, PR
  • February 1997 - sailed to island of Culebra where we spent a couple of weeks and celebrated Jay's 60th birthday
  • February 1997 - sailed from Culebra to the city of Fajardo, PR, where we sat out some stormy weather for a few days, then returned to San Juan, PR
  • April 1997 - sailed from San Juan, PR, to Provo (Turks & Caicos); then sailed to Mayaguana and then to the Abacos
  • May, 1997 - arrived in Beaufort, SC
  • June, 1997 - arrived in Annapolis, MD
  • September 1997 - made the final move off "Second to the Right" and returned to Minneapolis, MN
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