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Bread Tikkies with Green Chile
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Makes 10 to 15 Tikkies (patties) 

15 slices bread
250 g  (about 1/2 pound) chicken
3 green chiles (such as serrano, or use chopped fresh or frozen New Mexico green chile)
1 large sized tomato
1 onion
1 Tablespoon coriander or parsley
1 teaspoon red chile powder
1 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup cheese spread or some pizza topping

Soak the bread slices in water for 10 minutes. Boil the chicken and make shreds (not too thin). Fry the chicken shreds for a few seconds only -- careful, they burn easily! Chop the chiles into tiny pieces and dice the tomato. The coriander or parsley and the onion should be finely chopped. Squeeze the water out from the bread slices and mash them in a mixing bowl. Mix all the ingredients except for than the cheese spread and salt thoroughly. Add salt to taste and start making balls of the mixture. Flatten the balls to make them look like round discs about 1/2-inch thick. Shallow-fry Tikkies on low flame till reddish-brown. The cheese spread or pizza topping serves as a good dipping sauce. Serve hot!