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Green Chile Recipes

Below are some of our favorite green chile recipes, using New Mexico Hatch chiles, along with some new ideas picked up from other chile lovers.  Feel free to adjust the amount and seasonings to your own tastes - half the fun of cooking is inventing your own combination of flavors. 

If you don't have frozen green New Mexico chile available (and the only green chile you can get in your grocery store are those tiny cans of mild green  stuff...), we have found a website that will ship to you at quite reasonable prices - and they're reliable.
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What is Chile??

Scoville Heat System


Not everyone knows about the vegetable - people in some parts of the USA are familiar only with "Chili" as a stew.  Here are some definitions and some basic chile information.

Get the scoop on which peppers are the hottest-
they are great for weekend brunch!