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Carne Adovada
Red Chile Recipes

One of our favorite culinary creations of all time; we make carne adovada burritos for great suppers, or add scrambled eggs, hash browned potatoes and cheese for superb breakfast burritos.  We like to prepare this in a quantity large enough to have plenty in the freezer for quick suppers.

Jay's New Mexico Red Chile Sauce
Large yellow onions, sliced
Pork chops

Prick pork chops with a fork. Alternate layers of pork chops and onion slices in large airtight container, covering each layer amply with red chile sauce. Marinate 24-48 hours in the refrigerator, turning every few hours. Preheat oven to 350 . Place pork chops, onions and marinade into baking pan. Bake for 1 hour or until meat is tender. Remove from oven, let cool slightly. Remove pork & onions from marinade. Chop up pork & onions, removing all bones, then mix with remaining marinade in a saucepan. Reheat to use in burritos. (Mixture may be frozen for future use.)


Breakfast Burritos:
Have hash browns prepared (keep warm), cheese grated.  Prepare scrambled eggs (do not overcook).  Warm tortilla (I warm them over the flame of my gas stove burners in a matter of seconds) - fill with carne adovada, cheese, potatoes and scrambled eggs.  Roll up and top with cheese - use additional red chile sauce if desired.  Click here for more detailed recipe.