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Quick 'n' Easy Ways to Use
Red Chile Sauce

Add Jay's Red Chile Sauce or frozen Red Chile Puree (if you can find it!) to:

BBQ Ribs - pour over ribs instead of BBQ sauce
BBQ Sauce - use in addition to or in place of tomato sauce
Breads - substitute for part of the liquid in your recipes
Burritos - mix red chile sauce with beans, roll up in a tortilla with shredded cheese
Casseroles - use in addition to or in place of tomato sauce
Chili - add to your favorite chili recipe; use in addition to or instead of tomatoes
Dips - mix with sour cream, mayo or plain yogurt, etc., and add favorite seasonings (cumin, oregano, thyme, cilantro, etc.)
Gravy - add a little to perk up the flavor of your gravies
Hamburgers - either mixed into the meat, or as a topping
Meatballs - add to your favorite meatball recipe for extra flavor
Nachos - pour red chile sauce over tortilla chips, top with cheese and broil until cheese melts
Salad Dressings - mix with your favorite salad dressing recipes for a great Southwestern taste
Salsas - mix with tomato salsas or bean salsas
Soups & Stews - vegetable, hamburger, minestrone, etc.
Spaghetti Sauce - add a bit of red chile sauce to give your regular spaghetti sauce an interesting flavor!
Tacos - use instead of your favorite taco sauce

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