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Flat Enchiladas
Red Chile Recipes

Another favorite meal of ours - presentation is everything with this dish.  After you've layered the tortilla, meat, cheese, sauce, etc., garnish by making a "wreath" of chopped lettuce and tomatoes around the edges of the plate.  The fried egg on top might sound strange, but you have to try it to love it!  If your chile sauce is knock-your-socks-off hot, you'll want to have plenty of sour cream on hand.

1 large yellow onion, chopped
1 pound beef, coarse ground (chow mein meat, stroganoff strips, etc.)
1 teaspoon cumin
1/2 teaspoon thyme
Corn tortillas (1-2 per person)
Jay's New Mexico Red Chile Sauce

3-4 cups
Colby cheese, grated

Lettuce, shredded
Tomatoes, chopped fine
Eggs (1 per person)

Sour cream


Heat oil, cook chopped onions in it till tender.  Add beef and season to taste with cumin and thyme.  Heat red chile sauce in a separate pan. Meanwhile, pour oil into small skillet at a depth of about 1".  When oil is very hot, fry tortillas quickly, using tongs to turn.  Place on paper towel to drain.  Keep oil ready for frying the eggs.

To build enchiladas, place a fried corn tortilla in the center of each plate. Top with approximately 1/2 cup of meat/onion mixture, then ladle a spoonful of red chile sauce over it.  Add a handful of grated Colby cheese, top with more red chile sauce to melt the cheese.  For those with bigger appetites, add a second tortilla and layer the meat, sauce, cheese and sauce again.  Top each serving with a fried egg and garnish with shredded lettuce and chopped tomato. Serve with sour cream, if desired.