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Comfort food to those of us who love a nice warm chili or soup on a cold winter night. This is a favorite New Mexican tradition for New Year's Eve supper.

1 pound dried posole
water to cover

5 - 7 dried New Mexico red chiles, steamed and stems removed
2 quarts salted water or chicken stock (add more water or chicken stock as needed while cooking)
1.5 cups red wine
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
1 Tablespoon chopped fresh oregano (or 1 teaspoon dried)

1 - 3# chicken, or 1 - 3# pork roast

Cover dried posole (white corn, hominy) with water and soak overnight, drain and rinse.   Put posole, 2 quarts salted water, wine, steamed red chile pods and seasonings into Dutch oven. Bring to boil, then simmer for 2-3 hours. Check for liquid and add more water or chicken stock as needed to cover ingredients. Add whole chicken or pork roast and continue simmering for another hour and a half.

Remove pork/chicken from soup, discard skin and bones. Chop pork/chicken into bite-sized pieces and return to soup. Serve with plenty of fresh warm flour tortillas.